The Canterbury Tales

how does the host quickly win the trust of all the pilgrams?

how does the host from the cantergury tales win the trust of the pilgrams?

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All the Pilgrims are headed to St. Thomas a' Becket. This pilgrimage was quite common in the middle ages. It wasn't all together a holy meditation. As we see in the tales there was plenty of drinking, merriment and lewd stories. The pilgrims in Chaucer's story all seem to quite like their host Harry Bailly. He gives each pilgrim their own special seat at the Tabard Inn. They get plenty of food and drink and it seems Harry is a pretty good tour guide as well. Harry guides all the pilgrims to the shrine providing good council, jokes and merriment along the way. He suggests they all tell a story to pass the time. The pilgrims quite like this guy.