The Canterbury Tales

examples of heroism - the knight's tale

how is heroism displayed in this poem in any characters

i have to write a paper using the common topic of definition to define a hero, examining specific characters and character traits from the three books Beowulf, Canterbury Tales (General Prologue and the Knight's Tale) and Sir Gawain.

please answer the question only for this poem

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The knight in "The Knight's Tale," is everyone's favorite companion on the pilgrimage and everyone's ideal of a hero. He believes in chivalry, stays true to what he believes in, and acts honestly, truthfully, and faithfully always. The knight was well respected and honored by those who knew him. During the crusades, he fought courageously and selflessly. The knight is Chaucer's picture of the ideal man.


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did you do classical conversations challenge II?

I am in CH2 right now and am using this for my heroism paper