The Canterbury Tales

describe the plot, including background information, rising action, climax, falling action, solving of the conflict in The Nun's Priest's Tale

by Chauser

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A poor widow, rather advanced in age, had a small cottage beside a grove, standing in a dale. This widow led a very simple life, providing for herself and her daughters from a small farm. In a yard which she kept, enclosed all around with palings and with a ditch outside it, she had a cock called Chaunticleer, who was peerless in his crowing. Chaunticleer was beautifully coloured, with a comb redder than coral, and a beak as black as jet, and he had under his government seven chickens, who were his paramours, of which his favourite was Dame Pertelote.

Please take a look at the beloe source Link-From GradeSaver. It is all there.