The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Who are the minor characters and what is their purpose in the novel

Kerman middle school assignment

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I'm listing some minor characters. THey all help to advance the plot and/or to support Bruno's conflict in some way. If you want more on a particular one, just let me know.

Ralph-Bruno's Father

Elsa-Bruno's Mother

Gretel-Bruno's Sister

Lars-Server in the house

Maria-Maid in the house

Pavel-Jew from the concentration camp that works in the house

Lieutenant Kotler-A Soldier

Herr Liszt-Homeschool tutor/teacher of Bruno and Gretel

Karl-One of Bruno's best friends from Berlin

Martin-One of Bruno's best friends from Berlin

Daniel-One of Bruno's best friends from Berlin

Grandmother-Bruno and Gretel's grandmother. Ralph's mum

Grandfather-Bruno and Gretel's grandfather. Ralph's Father.

Hitler and his girlfriend

Thanks this is perfect I read the book but some questions just confuse me