The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Moments leading to the boys death? What did Bruno's father release after Bruno died

What were the moments leading up to both boys death,? What did Bruno’s father realise after his son's death?

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The soldiers round up the people around Bruno and Shmuel. Shmuel reassures Bruno that "it happens sometimes... They make people go on marches" (210). Bruno is distressed because he doesn't have time to go on a march - he needs to be home for roast beef dinner. Shmuel tells him not to say anything because the soldiers will get angry, and Bruno obeys. He doesn't understand why all the other people marching with them look so frightened. Just as Bruno is beginning to lose patience and deciding that he really must go home because he is too cold, the group is marched into a warm, airtight room. Bruno apologizes to Shmuel that they weren't able to find his father, then tells him that when he comes to visit him in Berlin, they can spend time with all Bruno's old friends. He makes sure to tell Shmuel that he is his "best friend for life" (213). At that moment, the people in the room with them all gasp as the door is slammed shut and locked. The room becomes dark and chaotic, but Bruno and Shmuel continue to hold hands.

At the end of the novel, Bruno's father returns to the place where his son's clothes had been found and notices the opening in the fence. He realizes what must have happened, and a few months later he is discharged from his post at Out-With and taken away by soldiers.