The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


He hated his father? He had respect to Bruno's father? He liked Himmler and Hitler ?

He loved Bruno's mother?What he thinks about Elsa ,Ralph ,Maria , Bruno and Gretel ?

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There are some unanswered questions about Kotler as the story moves on.  He feels that his father is a traitor since he left Germany and ran to Switzerland to avoid involvement in the war.  He treats Shmuel badly when he has food that he would not normally have, food that Bruno has given him.  He can be loud and aggressive as he is when wine is spilled on him, and he seems to be a flirt.  There is some question about his involvement with Mother, since he seems to be there early and late, especially if Father is gone.

Kotler really did not like anyone. I think he feared Bruno's father and respected him for his position in the Nazi party. He liked Hitler and Himmler’s fascist philosophy but did not know him personally. Your question is pretty broad for this space. You should really check out the GradeSaver summary and analysis for more.