The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Jew or no?

Maybe Kotler is not a Jew many Germans hate Nazis fled the country(like Kotler father).If he was a Jew couldn't be a SS soldier and he wouldn't killed Jews.In book not write that he is a Jew.Maybe his father left the country for other reasons?

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The only textual evidence we have is when Kotler was having dinner with Bruno's family. It is only speculated that Kotler's father could be a Jew. Indeed, he could have been other things but Kotler's own identity and anger problems suggest that he could be Jewish.    

“And what reason did he give, I might ask,” continued Father, “for leaving Germany at the moment of her greatest glory and her most vital need . . .”  

Many Jews fled to save their lives. Those who disagreed with the Nazis generally remained silent or went underground.