The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Please write about Kotlers and Pavels characteristic.

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Lieutenant Kotler one of the Nazi soldiers stationed at Out-With. He has "very blonde hair, an almost unnatural shade of yellow" (18). Gretl develops a crush on him, and it is implied that he is carrying on an affair with Mother. He is cruel and Bruno doesn't like him. Kotler is full of hate and insecurity. He hates all Jews and people who do not adhere to strict Nazi ideology. He has trouble relating to people on an emotional level.

Pavel An old man who prepares meals and waits on Bruno's family at Out-With. He is a former doctor and now a prisoner at Out-With. He is described as "quite a small man, and very skinny too, with long fingers and angular features" (83).Pavel is a kind and compassionate man.