The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Character Changes

What are some of the changes the characters exhibit throughout the novel, specifically of Shmuel, Gretel, Mother and Father?

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I can do one for you but you need to submit the others one at a time.

Father is an interesting character. He is a minor character yet his job and his symbolism resonate with and affect each character in the book. He is a high-ranking Nazi officer who runs the death camp in "out with". Father is not emotional or nurturing with his children. His contact with them is more like business meetings than emotional connections. There is a sense that he loves his kids but his expression of caring is formal and ordered. When Bruno goes missing at the end of the book, we see a marked change in father's countenance and body language. He runs panicked through the camp with a pained sense of worry and desperation. It is as if he knows in his heart what happened before he discovers the sad truth.