The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Bruno's and Gretel's relationship

How is Bruno's and Gretel's relationship? 

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Generally Bruno and Gretel don't get along. Gretel is not sensitive like her brother is. She fawns after lieutenant  Kotler and accepts Nazi ideology without question. It is not until near the end of the story that Gretel matures and we see her own sensitivities a little.

Just like any other sibling relationship, Bruno and Gretel had a challenging relationship as they had to go through a phase when they fight or argue all the time. It was due to their very different character and discrimination against each other. Bruno calls Gretel " a Hopeless Case" and thinks that she is "Trouble From Day One";while Gretel calls Bruno "stupid" and "too young" all the time. This shows that Bruno had given up on trying to understand Gretel, and assumed that she is a hopeless elder sister, while Gretel had given up on Bruno's innocence and lack of knowledge, assuming he is unquestionably stupid. Thinking that a sibling is hopeless is a typical opinion that people would often have when they cannot truly know or understand them. In Bruno's case, Gretel discriminates Bruno due to his young age and is always mean to him. She thinks she is in charge and often neglect his feelings by making herself more superior. This upsets Bruno and he, in turn discriminate Gretel for her unreasonable behavior. Hence, as we can see, the discrimination works in both ways, which give rise to a challenging relationship. It happens when both parties gave up on each other and develop a sense of dislike. The endless arguments then continues until the siblings become mature enough to gain understandings of each other. Besides that, having a sibling with very different characteristics also makes a relationship very challenging. For example, Bruno is more sensitive, however Gretel is the exact opposite. This can be seen when Bruno questions the Nazi ideology by asking " who decided which people wore the striped pajamas and which people wore the uniforms ", while Gretel accepts it without any question. Bruno often do not understand his sister due to her insensitivity which creates a barrier between them, making it hard for them to communicate well. As children often understand things in their own perspective, anything that seems weird or uncommon to them would bring about dislike. Hence, having a sibling with complete different character would weird them out and create problems in communicating. Hence, Bruno and Gretel's relationship was challenging as there were a lot of discrimination and they were unable to communicate properly without disagreeing each other .