The Book Thief

Why was this 1940 Hitler's Birthday' special?

It's also in chapter 17

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To celebrate Hitler's birthday, a book burning is prepared in Molching. Propaganda, banned and censored books, and written material from the era between World War I to the rise of the Nazis are collected. Every house puts up a flag, and the Hubermanns panic when they briefly cannot find theirs. The Hubermann children Hans Junior and Trudy arrive. Trudy is a maid in Munich, Hans Junior is a soldier and fanatical Nazi. Hans Senior is not a Nazi, and he blew his chance to join the party for painting over anti-Jewish slurs. The father and son argue fiercely; Hans Junior accuses his father of being disloyal to Germany and asks why Liesel isn't reading Hitler's book Mein Kampf. Hans Junior then calls his father a coward for doing nothing while "a whole nation cleans out the garbage and makes itself great" and storms out. Death explains that Hans Junior would end up at the Battle of Stalingrad, where Death was extremely busy carrying the souls of dead soldiers.