The Book Thief

Why should The Book Thief be studied as a classic?

I have an upcoming seen essay (question is seen before I am required to write it), and the question is as above. What should I write about and what points should I be making? I would like a good mark, and any complex points would be appreciated (by complex I mean in a literary sense).

Again, I am required to persuade on why The Book Thief is a classic novel which should be studied in schools.

Thank you in advance.

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In order to write on this topic, you need to first figure out what defines a classic. For example, does the book have an appeal to "all people in all places at all times" (the quality of universality)? Based on the subject of the genocide that is the subject of the Holocaust, this seems to have this quality. Are the characters well-developed? Is the plot easy to follow? Will this story mean something in the future, regardless of the fact that it is set during World War II? These are the things you should decide and then your essay will be a breeze.

Thank you Judy, but what about the language in the novel? What does it offer in the sense of its literary devices? By that I mean things like figurative language and dramatic irony.