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Who should I write a paragraph about as my least favorite character? The Book Thief

So I am writing a paragraph on my least favorite character and I want to do it on liesel because I just don't get the right vibe from her, I guess I could do it on someone else but I don't know who! I know I could do it on Hitler but that just seems like the easy way out. Any help? Thanks :)

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I think this really depends on how you feel. I can't really tell you which one to pick.

That's the thing though they aren't really any characters to write about that I don't like. Other then Hitler of course but like I said I want to not make it easy on my self in the sense of every person in my class that is doing this particular assignment is probably doing Hitler because it is just who you hate in general throughout the book. I'm writing my favorite character as Rosa

Probably the mayor is a good one to write about. After all, he did fire Rosa.


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