The Book Thief

What would be some ideas for an alternate synopsis for The Book Theif?

I need an alternate blurb/synopsis for the book theif or atleast some ideas.

I have a project assigned last minute and I have no ideas.

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What do you mean by an "alternate" synopsis?

I mean a synopsis that isn't the original

Okay...... a synopsis that follows the original storyline.... or are you writing a new story?

One that follows the original

Project? What about a booklet of newspaper headlines that follow the novel chapter by chapter. You main headline would be the chapter title, and your articles could be based on the main ideas of each chapter. You could also make a comic book. It you're artsy, you could mke a memory chest..... find articles (or make them) that are important or symbolic and place them in a memory chest. You could use any character for this and get as creative as you wish.