The Book Thief

What was your reaction to Liesel’s tirade at the mayor’s wife? Why do you think her brother appears in the midst of it? Following Liesel’s outburst with the mayor’s wife, Rosa refuses to hit her: “The one time she desperately wanted a Watschen and she cou

Book Thief Question #3. Thanks in advance!!!

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Liesel's tirade against Ilsa is perhaps her cruellest moment since beating Ludwig Schmeikl. Liesel tells Ilsa, who has suffered for years over the death of her son, to get over it and pictures Ilsa's face as bloodied and battered from this verbal abuse. Liesel is genuinely angered about Ilsa firing Rosa, and does not regret what she said, though she later tells Hans that she is going to hell. I think much of her tirade against Ilsa is born out of her mounting frustration and anxieties that have been pent up for so long. 


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