The Book Thief

What makes "The Book Thief" a timeless, modern piece of literature?

Why is the book a modern classic and why should it be taught in schools?

What Literary devices and aesthethic features make the novel a timeless piece of literature?

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"The Book Thief" has everything needed to become a piece of timeless literature. It focuses on an important time in history and tells the story of what it was like in Nazi Germany from an entirely new perspective. The novel is fresh, intriguing, and the author employs his own words to explain how words can actually change the course of history. When used in the classroom, "The Book Thief" enables educators to take a completely different approach. Unlike "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "Night," both important and timeless pieces of literature, "The Book Thief" allows us to fall in love with the characters on a different level. It also allows the option to bring in an whole new, younger audience.