The Book Thief

What is the value of reading the book thief?

What kind of value can be gained from reading this book? What knowledge can be earned? Why is it an important book to read?

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I think beyond the emotional power, the great history lesson and the unique narrator there remains the power of books. What an incredible theme. In the midst of the horrors of WW2 and Hitler's genocide, Liesel discovers the power of the written word. It is a story that uses the written word as a theme to tie in all kinds of other themes and ideas that make us human. At times Zusak makes us embarrassed to be human and at other times, he makes us feel proud. Yes, this is an excellent book.

Did I mention, yo get a great history lesson? Oh yes I did. Really that in itself is worth the read. Zusak has really done his homework on this. The book is epic in every sense of the word.