The Book Thief

What helps Rudy Find “the right direction” again?

What helps Rudy dind “the right direction” again?

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Rudy is offered the opportunity to join a different division of the Hitler Youth than what he'd been requested for..... he accepts, and moves in the right direction as a result. The opportunity to learn aircraft and flying was appealing to him.

Eventually, it was the opportunity to join a different division that swayed Rudy in the right direction. This was fortunate, because if he didn’t show his face soon, the Steiners would be fined for his non-attendance. His older brother, Kurt, inquired as to whether Rudy might join the Flieger Division, which specialized in the teaching of aircraft and flying. Mostly, they built model airplanes, and there was no Franz Deutscher. Rudy accepted, and Tommy also joined. It was the one time in his life that his idiotic behavior delivered beneficial results.


The Book Thief