The Book Thief

What happened to Liesel in the beginning and what did she realize at the end?

what did she feel or what happened in the beginning?

What did she learn or realize from that in the end?

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In the beginning of the book Liesel is transported by train to the home of the foster family who will be taking care of her. Her little brother Werner dies on the train on their way, but he dies of mysterious causes having to do with poverty, hunger, cold, and lack of medical treatment. Before Liesel arrives in Molching, she attends her brother's burial in a snowy graveyard. She steals The Grave Digger's Handbook from the cemetery after it falls from a young grave digger's coat. The kicker is, Liesel can't read.


As the novel comes to a close, we first learn that Liesel has died after living a long and happy life with a husband, kids, and grandkids. Then we learn Max survived the concentration camp, and he and Liesel reunited at the end of World War II. But, we don't learn what happens to Max after that. The novel ends with Death giving Liesel back her book, The Book Thief, as he's taking her soul away from her body.


Your question is a little vague. If you recall. at the beginning, Liesel is on a train with her mother and brother. They are going to be adopted by the Hubermans because mother can no longer safely care for them. Liesel is confused and scared. Her whole world is disappearing. Her brother dies on route which plunges Liesel into further despair and confusion. By the end of the novel (I'm not sure which point you mean exactly) Liesel is grown with her own children. She has, by this time, put things into perspective but keenly feels the loss of so many people in her life.