The Book Thief

what do you think max's book revealed about the power of words? how might words represent both beauty and evil? what message do you think the story imparted?

part eight discussion questions

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A man, apparently Hitler, decideds he would rule the world. One day he sees a mother scolding her child until he cries then minutes later speaking very softly to him until he smiles. The Fuhrer decides he will rule the world with words. He plants the seeds of words and symbols across his country and cultivates them. He beckons people with his freshly-picked words and places them on a conveyor belt, through which they are hypnotized with words and outfitted with symbols. The demand for his words becomes so great that people are hired to cultivate the massive forests of words; some, called "word shakers," are employed to climb the trees and throw the words to people below.

A small, skinny girl is the "best word shaker of her region because she knew how powerless a person could be" without words. She could climb higher than anyone else.


1. Words are powerful. You can hypnotize & brainwash people, control them, tell them what they want to hear so they can support you..

2. Words can represent both beauty and evil because one is under the illusion that the words are true and another may be facing cruel, harsh discrimination because of those words.

3. Words, just like knowledge, is a beautiful thing, but people have started acting out of greed and malice, maniuplating them, therefore making our future generations mean like them.