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What do the Nazi authorities do when they notice Rudy after his running carnival?

What do the Nazi Authorities do when they notice Rudy's athletic talent after he wins 3 gold medals at the running carnival? How is Rudy's family affected?

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In the Steiner household, Rudy and the younger children are setting up dominoes while their parents argue with the two Nazi agents in the kitchen about inducting Rudy into a special military school. Rudy eavesdrops on the conversation as the children set off the dominoes by candlelight. Rudy understands that by winning three gold medals at the Hitler Youth carnival, he proved himself not only to his former tormentor Franz Deutscher but to everyone. Rudy's parents refuse to let him go.


The Nazi authorities realize that their ideology can use Rudy; that Rudy may possibly be the runner that can re-establish the Aryan race as super-human; that he may be their "GREAT WHITE HOPE" to break Jesse Owens' Olympic running records.