The Book Thief

What character are these people?

1. Who regrets decision to keep Rudy home instead of sending him to Hitler school?

2. Who demands a display of loyalty to Hitler from each costomer who enters her shop?

3. Who is fortunate to have blue eyes and blonde hair?

4. Who cannot live with his survivor's guilt?

5. Who has servere hearing problems that causes problems for Rudy?

6. Who learns to read in the basement; writes a book?

7. Who gives Liesel two important gifts; books and life?

8. Who loses his hiding place because of Hans's generosity to other Jews?

9. Who cries over Rudy's death?

10. Who escaped death on more than one occasion; generous?

11. Who taunts Liesel for her inability to read & recieves a severe beating by her?

12. Who pays for Liesel's reading with coffee rations?

13. Who overcomes sterotypes by saving a Jew the night of Kristallnacht?

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1. Rudy's father Rudy's father Alex Steiner regrets this because it brings the anger of the Nazis upon his family.

You need to submit each of these one at a time. Thanks.