The Book Thief

What are the two "new projects" Max embarks upon and why?

Part 5

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At the end of May, Max begins exercising again through a series of push-ups. He fantasizes about fighting Adolf Hitler in a boxing ring. The crowd -- millions of Germans -- cheers for Hitler and abuses Max, who arrives alone. Even the referee is biased towards Hitler. There is only one round, and Hitler punches Max for hours. Max falls, but slowly rises before the count, then at last aims a series of blows at Hitler's mustache. Hitler falls, then returns to his feet, removes his gloves, and addresses the crowd. Hitler delivers a speech threatening that Max is plotting against them, trying to enslave them. He asks them to come into the ring to "defeat this enemy together," and they do.

Max begins drawing sketches in the newly-blank pages of Mein Kampf. One cartoon shows Hitler singing before a saluting crowd with the caption "Not the Fuhrer - the conductor!" Another shows a couple standing atop a moutnain of dead bodies looking at a swastika Sun; one says, "Isn't it a lovely day..." Curious, Liesel sees these two pages and is deeply frightened by them.