The Book Thief

What are the 8 most significant events for Hans? In " The Book Thief"

events that had happened to him (flash backs, stories, etc.)

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1914-1916: Hans serves in the great war, befriends Eric who not only teaches him to play the accordion but saves his life as well. Eric dies in 1916, and he leaves his accordion to Hans.

1937: Hans applies to join the NSDAP (National Socialist German

Workers Party), but later has second thoughts. He repaints the door of Me Kleinman the same year drawing attention to himself.

1938: The Gestapo visit Hans at his home at 33 Himmel Street for the first time. He is now under suspicion of being tolerant of the Jews.

!939: Hans and Rosa become Liesel's foster parents.

1940: Hans allows Max Vandenburg to hide from the Gestapo in his basement. Max befriends Liesel.

1942: Air raids begin near Hans home, and the Gestapo begins searching basements on his block for bomb shelters. He gives bread to a

Jewish man. Fearing his basement will be searched, he sends Max

away that night.

There are definitely more than eight events there; you may choose those you prefer. There is also the accident that Hans suffers and the bombing of Himmel Street. Hans is the one person Liesel loves most, and far from being a "true" member of the Nazi Party, his joining was based on appearances. He felt he needed to appear loyal in order to protect his family, and yet he continued to help the Jews as often as possible. Hans is Liesel's rock; he is her sense of comfort and security; he provides her with safety.


The Book Thief