The Book Thief


Whats the significance of the chapter title, "The Joy of Cigarettes"?

At the start of the same chapter whats Liesel feeling emotionally about?

What Event occurs after Liesel and Papa finish The Grave Digger's Handbook?

In "The Town Walker what is Mama's plan? How does Liesel feel about it?

What does Liesel do that surprises Papa? What's the final result?

What are details that shoes Mamas concern for liesel?

Whats the significance of Liesels "yellow tear" at the end of Dead Letters?

What preparations are made for Hitlers birthday celebration?

Describe the Hubermann children.

What becomes of Hans junior?

Why is Papa's and his sons relationship difficult?

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1) Hans' cigarettes were precious to him, but he traded in his rations in order to but Liesel two books for Christmas: Faust the Dog and The Lighthouse.

2) Liesel is feeling emotional about the loss of Werner.

3) Liesel tells Hans about her brother Werner.

4) Mama's plan is to send Liesel out to deliver the laundry. She hopes that Liesel will inspire sympathy so she won't lose anymore customers.

5) Liesel asks Hans if she can write to her mother. Hans is uncomfortable, but he says that he will see if it can be delivered.

What pivotal event occurs just after Liesel amd Papa finish the grave digger's handbook , and how does it reflect thier relationships ?


The Book Thief