The Book Thief

The Book Thief

What are Death's feelings for each victim?

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I'm not sure how Death actually feels about the characters, as we actually have to infer his feeling from the way he has narrated the story.

Max is a young man with enormous determination and a desire to survive.

Rudy is loved and cherished. Thus, he is taken early as a young man. The old "only the good die young."

Rosa is first portrayed as a hard woman, cold. As the story goes on, Death allows us to see the love and compassion she has hidden inside. That's the part of her she holds back because she's been hurt.

Hans is well loved by everyone including Death. He is even allowed to escape Death on a few occasions..... I believe his purpose and Death's oversight are directly related to the fact that his purpose in life was to care for and love Liesel.


The Book Thief