The Book Thief

Summary of "The Gates of Thievery" and "Book of Fire"

Please answer if you can it doesn't have to be a long summary :)

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Hans meets Liesel at the church steps, and she asks him if her mother is a communist. Hans lies and says he does not know. Liesel asks if Hitler took her mother away, and Hans, finding it impossible to lie, says yes. Liesel says she hates Hitler, and Hans, worried about what to do, slaps her and orders her never to say that again. Hans forces Liesel to do a proper Nazi salute and say "Heil Hitler."


Hans leaves Liesel to talk to a friend. Hans admits he is not getting much work as a painter because he is not a member of the Nazi Party. Liesel goes up to the smoldering heap of the book burning as workers cart away ashes. Liesel sees three books that remain mostly intact and she steals a blue book called The Shoulder Shrug. She puts it under her shirt even though it is still hot. Although she was ignored by the workmen, Liesel realizes that one person saw her steal the book: the mayor's wife, Frau Hermann.

Hans and Liesel begin to walk home as smoke rises from Liesel's collar.