The Book Thief

Status updates of the main character

facebook like status updates include comments from other characters.

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Facebook status updates are usually cheery or boring. You know stuff like "three days till Mexico!" or ā€œIā€™m eating a cucumber sandwich". This book is neither cheery nor boring. Still I will try to give you a couple of examples.

When Lisel sees her friend Max being marched to the concentration camp at Dachau, she loses all hope. She blames the written word, which she cherishes, as the root of this evil. It is the propaganda of Hitler. I think she might write something like:

"Saw Max being sent to Dachau today, I will never write again."

I don't know if Death would have many Facebook friends. In any case he is our narrator. He might write something like this:

"These humans say they are scared of me, I am nothing compared to the suffering that they cause each other."

Take a look at the personalities of these characters and think might be important to them (not you). Hope this helps.