The Book Thief

Significance of the main characters

main characters consist of death,liesel,hans,rosa,rudy,and max

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Death- narrator and unique/ironic perspective

Liesel- Protagonist. She is strong and empathetic. We see much of the war through her.

Hans- Gentle German. He represents the many Germans that sacrificed everything to fight their own party.

Rosa- Wife of Hans. Initially she is rather harsh but proves a sympathetic and courageous hero with her husband.

Max- A Jew with a lot of fight. He bridges the gap between the Jewish people and Germans like Hans who rebel.

Rudy-Liesel's best friend. One of six Steiner children, Rudy is gallant and impetuous -- he is best known for painting his face black and running around a track imitating Jesse Owens. He is significant because of his natural affinity towards what is good and right.