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Questions In Details (Sorry a lot of questions). If you can answer thank you !

1.) Why did the Hubermanns avoid any discussion of Lesel's mother in front of her?

2.) In what important respect did Hans Junior differ from his father?

3.) Why did Han Jounior accuse his father of cowardice ? What was the mistake Papa Hubermann had commited?

4.) why did papa hubermann slap Liesel ?

5.) why did papa buy a copy of hitlers mein kampf?

6.) why did the people of molching hold a bonfire ? what shocking realization met Liesel when she listened to the speaker at the bonfire ?

7.) why did max read a copy of Mein Kampf on the train ?

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Please ask your questions separately.

The answer to your first question is found below.

Liesel's mother Paula gave her up for adoption at the beginning of the novel. Her father had been taken away by the Nazis for being a communist, and later, Paula was taken away as well. The Hubermanns avoid discussion of her mother in order to avoid upsetting her. Liesel eventually understands that her mother's decision was made based upon her own protection of her daughter.

2) Hans Junior is a nationalist. The father and son argue fiercely; Hans Junior accuses his father of being disloyal to Germany and asks why Liesel isn't reading Hitler's book Mein Kampf. Hans Junior then calls his father a coward for doing nothing while "a whole nation cleans out the garbage and makes itself great" and storms out. Death explains that Hans Junior would end up at the Battle of Stalingrad, where Death was extremely busy carrying the souls of dead soldiers.


4) Hans meets Liesel at the church steps, and she asks him if her mother is a communist. Hans lies and says he does not know. Liesel asks if Hitler took her mother away, and Hans, finding it impossible to lie, says yes. Liesel says she hates Hitler, and Hans, worried about what to do, slaps her and orders her never to say that again. Hans forces Liesel to do a proper Nazi salute and say "Heil Hitler." Hans is really protecting Liesel in public.


Papa? He wait. . .  he whaat?! Bought another copy of Liesel's book? Oh my gosh was he that crazy?