The Book Thief

Question 5

why Ludwig/Franz called Lisel 'slut' ?

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Neither Ludwig or Franz call Liesel a slut in the novel.

Pfiffikus, the old man, calls Liesel a slut as an insult..... a way of speaking.

“You little slut!” he roared at her. The words clobbered her in the back. “I’ve never seen you before!” Fancy calling a ten-year-old girl a slut. That was Pfiffikus.

Viktor also calls her a slut when he wants to antagonize Rudy.

Viktor came casually closer again and faced him. He gave him a gentle rub on the arm. A whisper. “Unless you want me to turn that blood into a fountain, I suggest you go away, little boy.” He looked at Liesel. “And take the little slut with you.”


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