The Book Thief

List of Questions.

1. What was the first book mentioned in the story?

2. With which event does Liesel connect her first book acquisition?

3. How does Death describe the setting?

4. How many times does Hans Hubermann escape Death?

5. Who is the first person Rudy sees die?

6. To show allegiance to Der Führer what must the citizens do on his birthday?

7. When Liesel first arrives at her new home on Himmel Straßse, what does she refuse to do?

8. What does Mrs. Holzapfel do every time she goes by the Hubermann house?

9. Which character once painted himself black and acted like Jesse Owens?

10. After which event does Hans finally get accepted into the Nazi party?

11. From whom did Hans get his accordion?

12. What do Hans and Liesel do with Mein Kampf?

13. When the Hubermann children come for Christmas, what is the mood?

14. From where does Liesel steal her second book?

15. Hans Hubermann earns money by painting and from playing accordion. What does he sometimes

trade when he needs just a bit extra?

16. Why does Liesel steal some of the laundry money?

17. For what is Rudy always asking Liesel?

18. Why does Liesel avoid going to the Mayor’s house to get the laundry?

19. Which character has nightmares about boxing against Der Führer?

20. What does Max paint on the wall in the basement?

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Hey, you need to split these questions up and re-submit them. There are too many here at the same time. I'll do your first one here:

1. Gravedigger's Handbook.