The Book Thief

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Hi. I was given a question concerning the main character being involved with a central conflict. I'll just retype it: "Identify one central conflict in which the protagonist is directly involved. Evaluate how this conflict is resolved by explaining why you are/are not satisfied with the resolution of said conflict." I can't quite seem to pinpoint a good topic to talk about that would give me a lot to say. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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I would consider one of Liesel's main conflicts like her need to read books. Once she finally learns to read, Liesel cannot get enough reading material. She resorts to stealing books: hence the title "The Book Thief". By stealing a book from a book burning, she defies Nazi censorship and takes her education into her own hands. When Ilsa offers Liesel a book, Liesel refuses it because she is enraged at Ilsa for firing Liesel's foster mother Rosa. Instead, Liesel breaks into Ilsa's home and steals the same book, later stealing others. Ilsa realizes what Liesel has done and is amused by it; she "helps" Liesel steal from her library by leaving her window open and placing books in visible locations. Ilsa is an encouraging figure who desires to help Liesel continue to read, even if it must be on Liesel's terms. I think the resolution is that Liesel continues to get books anyway she can. This fits in nicely with the themes in the book.