The Book Thief

identify two characters from the book who had distinctive ways of dealing with stress?

various characters in the book have unique ways of trying to create meaning in there lives example is music storytelling and other activities

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Hans Hubermann uses his accordion to alleviate the stress that he feels, and to comfort Liesel. He also uses the teaching of reading to Liesel as a diversion from their dominance by Rosa and to take her mind from the trauma of witnessing her brother's death.

Max uses his gift for writing and illustrating stories to pass the time in the Hubermann's cellar. This is also catharsis for him as he expresses his thoughts on the terrifying control held by the Nazis.

Rudy uses his running to free himself from the punishments of the Hitler youth, the bullies and the crippling poverty which pervades his life.


'The Book Thief' - Marcus Zuzac

Liesel is enrolled in the Bund Deutscher Mädchen, a German girls school under the Hitler Youth. She attends it twice a week. She is walked there by her Papa. they do it quietly, unspoken. Liesel and her foster dad just obey. There’s nothing that needs to be said about it. They do what they are told. It’s the unspoken part, the fear that they live under.

Rosa deals with her stress by complaining and arguring with everyone about everything she does this all the time while she does the landaury. She realizes that she just must cope with her sitituation.


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