The Book Thief

How does Liesel's story prove that human existence is worth it?

the book thief

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Worth what ?

If you mean all the destruction and misery, consider all the heroic acts of bravery and compassion that checker her life . War certainly brings out the best and the worst in people.

Liesel's story is one of courage and survival, and the woman she becomes learned much from her experiences of a young girl Had she given up, that future wouldn't have existed, and her existence was responsible for touching and affecting many other lives.

"Like many humans, Death tries to find ways to give meaning to his work. One of the main things he does is collect stories of courageous humans. Liesel is particularly interesting to him because of her courage and her personality. Stories like hers help keep him going. He retells these stories, he says, "to prove to myself that you, and your human existence, are worth it" (4.33). In other words, he looks for hope in the gathering, reading, and telling of stories. This quest for meaning seems like a very human thing indeed."


That humans should be able to live