The Book Thief

How did the main charachters cope with suffering?

I have this question in a coursework booklet and I'm having trouble with it. All answers are appreciated :)

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Every night, Liesel would nightmare. (7.2)

Liesel had nightmares everynight until she began to accept her brother's death. They went away when she opened herself up to working through her grief.

Max's greatest suffering is the guilt he feels because he's alive when others aren't. He feels guilty for his continued existence, guilty for msking otherd unsafe, and because of this he's become adept at making it seem as if he doesn't exist at all.

"They should have come by now and swept through the house, looking for any evidence of Jew loving or treason, but it appeared that Max had left for no reason at all. He could have been asleep in the basement or sketching in his book." (60.21)

Hans is a silent sufferer, he suffered silently because he made Max leave. What he believed he'd done for the right reason wasn't right at all. He sent Max away and the house was never checked. But you can't second guess yourself...... his only intent was to protect him.