The Book Thief

Hitler’s Birthday, 1940: Explain the ‘shiver’ that arrives through the window. In your response, consider its personal, national and international elements.PLEASE ANSWER!!!!

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The above quotes refers to the "chill" between father and son, Hans and Hans Jr., Hans and the Party.

Papa looked up. “Mistakes? I’ve made many mistakes in my life, but not joining the Nazi Party isn’t one of them. They still have my application—you know that—but I couldn’t go back to ask. I just . . .”
That was when a great shiver arrived.
It waltzed through the window with the draft. Perhaps it was the breeze of the Third Reich, gathering even greater strength. Or maybe it was just Europe again, breathing. Either way, it fell across them as their metallic eyes clashed like tin cans in the kitchen.
“You’ve never cared about this country,” said Hans Junior. “Not enough, anyway.”


The Book Thief