The Book Thief

Here are some discussion questions

1. Do you think Zusak made a good choice in making Death the narrator? Do you feel his voice changed at all from the beginning to the end of the novel?

2.What do you think of Death's voice in the novel? How is Death portrayed differently the he often appears in other pieces of literature?

3. What do you think are the different faces of survival shown through Hans, Max, and Micheal Holtzapfel? Do any shine as examples of people who have survived "well"?

4.How do you think Rosa became such a hardened person? Why do you suppose she chooses to show the cold a cruel persona?

5. How do you think books became the vehicle for so many of Liseal's friendships? What message do you think the author convey through this particular form of reaching out?

6. How do words figure differently in the relationship of Liesel and Rudy. To what might you attribute this difference.

7. Discuss the prominent use of color in the book, especially as it pertains to the sky. What purpose might it serve?

8. What themes does Zusak develop through Ilsa's character? Why does she elicit so much anger from Liesel? What finally enable Liesel to forgive her?

9. Examine the power of words for evil. Did Hilter's success come through his persuasive use of words alone? What other factors does Zusak suggest were necessary for Hitler to gain control in Germany?

10. What constitutes an act of courage? What acts of courage in the novel are most memorable to you? What character in the story do you see as most courageous?

11. Death is mystified at humans' capacity for both good and evil. Discuss examples of the novel's characters' dual natures.

12. There are a number of ironic events that occur throughout the novel. List some of the moments, and discuss what Zusak might be suggesting though his use of irony.

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Those are quite a few and involved for this space. If there is one that really stands out for you let me know and I can help with that.

If could could please help out on # 3, 4 , and 12 would be amazing those are the ones Im having most troubles in. But the other ones I just need like a kinda brief answer nothing to descriptive. Thanks Again very much appreciated

I can take #12 right now,

I think two larger ironies are,

The narrator sounds human, despite the fact he's Death.

If you follow the narrative Death becomes more of a character as the story unfolds. He begins to have likes and dislikes and, at times, empathy.

Liesel steals books in the beginning, despite the fact she can't read. Certainly Liezel stealing books becomes a portal into a new world. For the illiterate Liezel , books teach her to articulate the most horrid of events and the most heroic of people.

THere are particular character points that are ironic like Max the fighting Jew and the very fact that Germans could be both sacrificing and cruel.

Very Much appreciated Thank you.

I could really use some help on #5 if you don't mind!