The Book Thief

Death struggles with his own inner conflict. Describe the conflict and your reaction to it.


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With Death as a character in the story you have a lot of internal conflict but a little bit of external conflict.

With external conflict Death, Death told God he doesn’t understand why he has to do this and God replies that it isn’t his job to understand which would be man vs. man conflict. With Death and his conflicts with nature, Death always has to collect souls which could have been killed by something in nature such an angry bear or a virus. When Death has his conflicts with society, Death needs to collect souls executed by governments for what ever reason. Finally, Death’s finally external conflict is with technology, due to new ways and developing ways to kill and execute people which Death still has to collect. For Death and internal conflict Death consistently is unhappy with his job and is always depressed with job because he feels guilty he has to take souls away from people.

Death, I think, is the character with the most amount of internal conflict and least amount of external conflict and I think that’s what makes Death unique in the story. I Know that that Death has al these different types of conflicts in the story, but I can’t what to read what other conflicts turn up.