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Can you give me EXACT quotes with page number showing death doesn't like war?

I've already tried this websites quotes and they don't help. >.<

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Keep in mind that the page numbers on my copy may not match. Death seldom overtly says anything about "good" and "bad". He is Death so he's not likely to comment on the beer being great or awful. Still, if we examine the undertones of his comments one does get a feeling that he tires of war and the incessant destruction,

"The last time I saw her was red. The sky was like soup, boiling and stirring. In some places it was burned. There were black crumbs and pepper, streaked across the redness." (Chapter 4 pg 1)

"There was the matter of the forty million people I picked up by the time the whole thing was finished." (Chapter 18 pg 35)

Here Death is being darkly sarcastic about the waste of life.