The Book Thief


p. 62-63 How do average German people feel about the Nazi Party? Where does Hans Hubermann fall on this spectrum?

When Hans and Leisel go to the Amper River, they pass the Dachau concentration camp. Do you think they knew what was happening in that camp? Why or why not?

p. 73-74 How does the start of the war affect Leisel? How does it affect Hans?

p. 76 How does Zusak describe nervousness? Is this an accurate description? p. 76-79 How does Leisel get into a fight?

p. 79-80 How does the fight change Leisel’s view of herself? How does it change Rudy’s opinion of Leisel?

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On average, the German people celebrated the Nazi Party. This is particularly evedent on these two pages where we see the people applauding the procession of Nazi soldiers in the parade. Most citizens saluted, burned with applause, and "kept faces contorted by pride." Hans, on the other hand, wore "a face with the shades pulled down," meaning he masked his feelings, which were negative at best.

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The Book Thief