The Book Thief

Are the books that Liesel finds real?

I know that Mein Kampf is a real book, but I was wondering if any of the other books actually existed or are they simply symbolic?

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I'm going to have to check on that. Yes, Mein Kampf is a real book. I also think that The Complete Duden Dictionary and

Thesaurus is a real resource, but I'm going to have to look it up for sure.

Yes, the dictionary/ thesaurus is real.

The Last Human Stranger- no

The Dream Carrier- no

A Song in the Dark is a real book, but I don'y know if it's the same book.

I don't think the books are actual publications (except MK and the dictionary). They represent the power of words when needed at just the right juncture in Liesel's young life. Each book serves a specific role and guides Liesel's through her survivor's journey.

The 9-year-old "Book Thief", Liesel Meirlanguarger or whatever she stole a bunch of books right? Gosh... no freaking way.


Luis, nymphomaniac indeed.


nymphomaniac, nymphomaniac

Yes they are real she found them (well more like stole them)

Yes indeed they are real! 😀

some of them are real

-Quanesha Wilkins

I believe a few of the books Liesel Meminger doesn't find are real.


The book thief by marcus zusak