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How does Job demonstrate patience?

The "patience of Job"--is this character who we get that phrase from?

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Job had it pretty bad. Apperently God made a bet with the Devil regarding how loyal Job could be. So, He suffered financial ruin, the loss of his children, and a painful disease. He suffered slander and even nasty boils. In the end Job never did lose his faith in God. I think he wondered what the hell was going on. That certainly was a bad streak of fortune. In the end it was all good, I suppose. God won his bet and Job was rewarded something lie tenfold for his patience and loyalty.

There's an old saying, "the patience of Job." It came from Job's refusal to turn away from God or to condemn him. Satan had destroyed his family, his livestock, and had taken away his great wealth. Job's life changed overnight and yet his faith and prayers were still with God. Instead of placing blame, he took responsibility for what he'd personally done wrong and asked for God's forgiveness. In turn, God restored everything that had been taken away. The lesson here is that humanity is far too quick to justify their own mistakes by blaming God for their problems. We need to look at ourselves and what our own actions have wrought before placing blame anywhere else.

conversation with God Himself. In the end Job saw the error in his ways, sought forgiveness, and everything was restored.

The main idea running through the Book of Job is that when we justify ourselves, by saying that we don’t deserve to experience catastrophic loss, we condemn God, in effect accusing Him of being unjust.