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Can anyone help me to made : The Last Book In The Universe Project


The Last Book In The Universe Project (100 points)

As we continue to read The Last Book In The Universe, you will begin creating your own booklet describing various elements of the novel. This booklet will be created by simply taking 3 sheets of 8.5” x 11” computer paper and folding them in half to make a booklet 8.5” x 5.5” with 10 panels to fill. The order of the pages in your booklet is to be as follows:

Cover (Illustration + Name, Date & Period)

Table of Contents

Favorite Scene Description and Explanation

(Why is this scene your favorite. Describe what is happening in the scene)

Favorite Scene Illustration

(Hand drawn. No Bleeding Markers)

Character Outline A

(Choose one character and answer the following questions: What do we know about this character through indirect and direct characterization? Explain whether he/she is this a round or flat character. Explain if he/she is a dynamic or static character. Draw or find a picture of how you think the character looks.)

Complete 1 of the Writing Option’s on the back

Complete 1 of the Creative options on the back

Complete a 2nd Writing option on the back

Complete a 2nd creative option on the back

Back Cover (Blank)


Grading Rubric

All Components of Project Completed

1 2 3 4 5

(5= All elements of the project are completed, demonstrates thoughtful analysis of the novel)


Proven Time and Effort

1 2 3 4 5

(4= Proven time and effort, Creative, Project is Clean, Clear with no obvious errors)


Score x 10= Project Total



DIRECTIONS: You will pick one of the following writing options to complete. Since you only have to complete two, make sure that it is your BEST quality (grammar, spelling, creativity, etc.). Each response should be two paragraphs

We know how The Last Book in the Universe ends. You can either re-write the ending to make it different, or write a sequel (maybe Spaz & Lanaya end up together in Eden, maybe there’s a civil war between proovs & normal, maybe Spaz has to break into Eden, etc.)

Write a speech from the point of view of Lanaya, Ryter, or Spaz convincing the Masters of Eden to let you stay in Eden. Why should normal be allowed in Eden? Is this segregation fair? Why should this be changed?

Compare & contrast life in this book to our world today. You must include at least two paragraphs, one each on the following topics (if you can think of others, that’s fine too): racism/prejudice/discrimination, gangs/violence, healthcare, environment, education, genetic improvement, etc.

The book has ended and many of the characters are separated. Therefore, write a letter from one character to another (Spaz to Lanaya, Bean to Spaz, Little Face to Spaz, Billy to Spaz, etc.) What would you want to say to them? Once you’ve written the letter, write the response back from the person receiving the letter (so if you wrote from Spaz to Lanaya, you will then write Lanaya’s response to Spaz).


DIRECTIONS: You will pick one of the following visual options to complete on a separate sheet of blank paper. Since you only have to complete one, make sure that it is your BEST quality (creativity, neatness, etc.)

Using what you know from the book and your own creativity, draw the journey that Spaz goes on (starting with the stacks & Billy/Ryter, the Pipe/rats, Little Face/chox bars, Monkey Boys & Mongo, the riots & mobs of people, Lanaya, Vandals & Lotti Getts, Furies/Vida Bleek, Bean’s home, Forbidden Zone, Eden, etc.)

Create a comic strip with scenes from the beginning, middle, and end of the book. Look at the description from OPTION A for ideas.

Now that we’ve seen Eden, design your own perfect world. Include a name, map/location, climate, technology, what people do there, what it looks like, etc. Be creative with this!

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