The Bell Jar

explain Esther Vs. Society in the Bell jar and the resolution


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Within society, Esther strove to fit in.... to be the wittiest, smartest, most engaging girl. She wanted to be envied.... to be popular..... the most popular. In this, we see her downfall, as Esther's desires were disdained by those around her.... in other words, they weren't buying what she was selling. None-the-less, Esther continues and fails..... she gives all she has to give, but she never grows up, she never matures, and she never learns how to say no. Esther never connected with anyone, even while institutionalized she was a sort of outcast. In essence, Esther's concerns about her own place in society leave her a perpetual little girl in need of attention. Esther's resoution to the problem was to withdraw into her own place.... the bell jar.