The Bean Trees

What made Taylor say, "I could see a whole new era arriving in Turtle's and my life"?


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Turtle says her first word, and that is life changing.

"I scooped a handful of big white beans out of one of Matties jars. “These are beans. Remember white bean soup with ketchup? Mmm, you like that.”

“Bean,” Turtle said.“Humbean.”

I looked at Mattie.

“Well, don’t just sit there, the child’s talking to you,” Mattie said.

I picked up Turtle and gave her a hug. “That’s right, that’s a bean. And you’re just about the smartest kid alive,” I told her. Mattie just smiled. As I planted the beans, Turtle followed me down the row digging each one up after I planted it and putting it back in the jar. “Good girl,” I said. I could see a whole new era arriving in Turtle’s and my life.


The Bean Trees