The Bean Trees

What is the novel saying about the relationship between law and morality?

Use specific characters and situations from the text to illustrate your idea.

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The law in terms of government is supposed to be in the best interests of governing the people. As Taylor finds out, the law is not always moral. She finds the laws do not always or seldom serve the weak or the oppressed. Taylor feels an otherness to her own government, she feels that it does not represent her or her ideals. She is indignant of the treatment of indigenous people around the world by their own governments. She is critical of the violence of her own government and its treatment of American Indians,

“You think you're the foreigner here, and I'm the American, and I just look the other way while the President or somebody sends down this and that . . . to torture people with. But nobody asked my permission, okay? Sometimes I feel like I'm a foreigner, too.”