The Bean Trees

What does Taylor mean when she says, "It seemed to me that Turtle had to take practically everything on faith"?

In the book, The Bean Tree's

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She means that all Turtle had was a true belief in the people who surrounded her, that there were no guarantees, but that there is faith. Turtle is just a little girl, and as is quoted below, he entire short life has been all about innocence and trust........

“Here’s squash seeds,” I said. “Here’s pepper seeds, and here’s eggplants.” Turtle looked thoughtfully at the little flat disks.

“That’s just going to discombobble her,” Mattie said. “Those seeds don’t look anything like what you’re saying they’ll grow into. When kids are that little, they don’t take much on faith.”

“Oh,” I said. It seemed to me that Turtle had to take practically everything on faith.

“Show her something that looks like what you eat.”

I scooped a handful of big white beans out of one of Matties jars. “These are beans. Remember white bean soup with ketchup? Mmm, you like that.”

“Bean,” Turtle said. “Humbean.”

I looked at Mattie.

“Well, don’t just sit there, the child’s talking to you,” Mattie said.

I picked up Turtle and gave her a hug. “That’s right, that’s a bean. And you’re just about the smartest kid alive,” I told her. Mattie just smiled.


The Bean Trees