The Bacchae

Is Euripides portrays Dionysus as a God who embodies the rational qualities of mankind?

Please help me in answering this question with related to Bacchae by Euripides.

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Dionysus is described as “the god of luxuriant fertility, especially as displayed by the

vine; and therefore the god of wine” (“Dionysus,” par. 1). Dionysus is portrayed in mythology

as both a giver of life and a destroyer. He is the god who nurtures the vine and provides men

with rapture. In many historical accounts, he is praised as “the giver of wine which removes all

sorrow and care.” He is also called “the god of many joys” and “the dancer, the ecstatic lover,

and the bestower of riches” (Otto 113). He is thought to have given men the ability to conquer

their fears, even if the effect was only temporary. In The Bacchae, the character Tiresias explains

the benefits bestowed on mankind by the god.


If you link the site listed above you will find more iformation on the portrayal of Dionysus. Scroll to page 11 if you need additional info, that is where the above quotation leaves off.