The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

who do jane and ned meet as they try to reach ohio, and how do they hinder their progress?


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The first morning the group that Jane travels with runs into some "Patrollers." The The Patrollers murder everyone except Jane and a very young boy Ned because they hid from them.

They meet quite a few people after who are harmless (a white woman and plantation owner going back to her home and accompanied by some blacks), but who also tell them to go home.

They meet a man at the ferry who won't let them ride; they have no money.

While waiting at the ferry they meet a white man from the "Freedom Bureau." He finds them somewhere to stay.

A black woman who puts up children; the colonel who questions Jane.

Then they meet Job, and he gives them somewhere to stay

Job introduces Jane to Mr. Bone. Mr. Bone gives her a job at a reduced rate (because she's so little you know), and then ends up giving her a raise.

Jane and Ned stay in the area; he eventually leaves because the Klu Klux Klan comes into the area threatening the blacks. Jane refuses to leave and marries Joe Pittman (unofficially). Later, after Joe's death, Ned moves back with his wife.


The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman